153 The Biggest Contributor

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This was his trick; he used the simplest way to sell them. All the books were classified into multiple packages and then they started to sell them to libraries

He called to all the schools and universities in Flagstaff, including elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. He also gave a call to the schools and universities located near Flagstaff.

They only spent a morning selling all the books. Compared to the time they spent classifying the books, it took a much shorter time.

Starting from the afternoon, they drove separately to send out these books and collect the money. They spent the whole afternoon and the second day to clear all the books. Finally, their house and trucks were empty.

Hans counted the money. They invested 10,000 dollars and they earned 49,000 dollars. The net profit was nearly 40,000; indeed, it was a lot.

Li Du patted his shoulder and said happily, "You did a good job. Big Fox, you’ve earned my respect this time."

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