171 That Explains It

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The weather was bad—the same as Li Du’s mood.

He realized that the ICE officers were here for him. But he was not in a hurry to talk to the enforcement officers yet.

He quickly released the little bug and it flew to Dog Ears Rick, resting on his shoulder.

The father and son were speaking in a low voice to each other; he couldn’t make out their conversation, but their gloating expressions was clear to see.

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He had a feeling this have might been their doing.

Hans stayed by Li Du’s side, furrowing his eyebrows. "Sh*t, why are they suddenly here? I bet it must be Dog Ears who did this, that b*st*rd."

Li Du sneered, "Rick really does have some tricks up his sleeve. Since he wants to mess around with us, we should oblige and play with him too!"

Li Du had to admit: the Ricks did have a wide network of social connections. Not only was he fast, but he had a lot of experience with underhanded means as well.

Rick had been in this business for a long time after all.

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