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After bursting five balloons with his five remaining shots, Li Du put down the crossbow and gave the hippo plushie to the Asian boy. "This is the Grade E reward? Alright, since you like it, it's now yours."

The little boy's face filled with surprise and happiness. He took the hippo plushie and asked, "Really?"

Li Du gave him a light tap on his head. "Of course."

The boy looked at Li strangely; he titled his head and asked, "But, why didn't you give this to the lady?"

Sophie made a face at Li Du. "I thought you would give me the toy as well," she said. "I'm really disappointed now."

"This lady doesn't want a hippo," Li Du laughed, "she wants a big bear."

Li Du went to the counter and gave the owner 100 dollars. "Ten games."

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The booth owner took the money and gave him a bunch of bolts. "Well, lad, looks like you want to work on your marksmanship here? You've made the right choice."

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