916 Surrender

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On that day, the hounds did not bark as loudly as they normally did. They occasionally barked a little, as coquettish as kittens, and no longer looked menacing.

They only barked a few times when their master ordered them, but once they stopped them, they immediately shut up.

Then, puzzled, Li Du asked, "What happened to the neighbors? Why aren't they noisy today?"

"Maybe they were tired," said Big Quinn, putting oil on the roast.

Big Quinn's wife, Rosalind, was teaching Alain a lesson. "Look, you got into a fight only a few days after transferring? The teacher told me that you broke the poor child's nose. Why? Want to show your bravery?"

Alain kept his head down and did not speak. His sister, Susanna, was giving a vivid account of his brother's heroism at school to Ivana and the little girl, Victoria.

Walker, the eldest, looked at his brother from time to time with a funny expression while doing the clever job of helping Big Quinn.

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