406 Stupidity

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Derta was 60 miles away from Flagstaff. The American highways were all connected and ran in every direction, so such distance was not considered far. The Iron Knight sped on full power, and they reached Derta in just 40 minutes.

With the guidance of the navigation system, they saw the small town appearing before them. The sun was still blazing and the town was quiet and peaceful.

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Staring at the peaceful town, Hans seemed full of regret. "It’s most unfortunate that the peace here will be broken, for a bloody battle is about to unfold!"

Li Du said, "General Fox, what battle plans do you have in mind?"

"No plan is needed," said Hans. "Take our men, find the Californians, and give them a good bashing!"

He was really furious with Frank because his good mood and birthday celebration were both spoiled.

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