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Conrad and the peoples' appearance were rather discomfited. He had been defeated and bullied by Li Du.

Li Du did not think about it much. He rarely provoked people, but if others provoked him, he would not be silent, and he would certainly return the resentment with more resentment.

The local treasure collectors saw the loss of Conrad and his men, but what they didn't see was that Conrad had brought it upon himself.

These people went to Conrad and asked him what was going on. Conrad and the others certainly did not take responsibility for themselves. They whispered and pointed and put the blame on Li Du's gang.

Li Du anticipated this, and he noticed that the gang's eyes were not friendly after hearing what Conrad and his people said.

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Hans noticed too. Frowning, he said. "Damn it. These *ssholes might backstab us. We need to explain."

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