283 Starlike Purse

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Hans asked, "Which purse?"

Li Du said, "Let Akkalou tell you. Don’t you know? This purse is very famous. I saw it and decided that I had to get ahold of this storage unit."

The Playboy, who was inspecting the snakeskin purse, was shocked to hear that. "You had seen this purse? You saw it? Where was it?"

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Li Du pointed at the cabinet and said, "It was in this cabinet. The door to the cabinet was ajar and if you shined your flashlight in there, you could see the first half of the purse."

The Playboy was dumbfounded. "D*mn, d*mmit, are you serious? Why is it that I don’t recall this?"

Hans added, "Li has superb sight. Dude, this is how we’ve been making money."

Li Du shrugged. "No big deal. Since childhood, I’ve always been more observant than other people."

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