233 Small Water Town

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With money came willfulness—this was indeed true.

Frances was not some multi-millionaire in Hollywood, given that her market appeal was not comparable to that of popular actresses like Scarlett Johansson.

But she was indeed wealthy, with income from movies, advertisement endorsements, and as well as various savvy financial investments, her assets should be in the millions. 

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Afterall, she was an acclaimed actress in Hollywood, with many international film awards under her belt. She lived in a different world from those standing around her in the storage unit.

Where Frances lived was an environment known as "high society," where people lived to enjoy life.

Money to them was just a number, and using numbers to buy a gift they liked was a fair deal, right?

As for treasure hunters, many of them worked to live. They might have had 300,000 dollars in savings, but they would not use that amount of money to buy a motorcycle.

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