1107 Siberia

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Hans raised his hands and waved them with such force that the handcuffs clicked.

"Do you offer male striptease?" quipped one policeman.

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The officer who was escorting Hans came up and said, "Officer Rose, do you know him? What's the matter, is this one of your men?"

This policeman gave Luo Qun enough face and asked this to give Luo Qun an opportunity to take him.

As one could deduce from American TV series and Hollywood blockbusters, American police had its own informants. If something went wrong, they would immediately find their undercover allies.

If an informant committed a relatively mild criminal offense, the police could quietly let him go.

If Hans were an undercover agent for Luo Qun, the police would not charge him for having sex with a prostitute.

Hans knew this, and nodded his head vigorously, saying, "Rose, Big Li, save me!"

Luo Qun ignored him and asked, "What's the matter with him?"

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