657 Selling Them Off

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Just as Li Du had known, the two oil paintings were authentic. The appraisal proved this fact and the experts' views were unanimous—these were the two lost Van Gogh originals!

Now that the appraisal was concluded, they no longer paid any attention to each other. Instead, they fought to congratulate Li Du:

"Mr. Li, I have to admit that you've made us extremely envious of you."

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"We're not the only envious ones. Many major collectors and collection centers are envying you as well. Two genuine Van Gogh works!"

"Mr. Li, have you any interest in passing these paintings to Christie's? If they were included in next year's spring auction, I bet they would be the key highlights!"

Christie's spring and autumn auctions were the most extravagant in the world. The top bids of the year as well as record-breaking prices would appear there.

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