1135 Season of Gain

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Princeps' situation did not affect the auction proceedings. The treasure hunters had told

each other about Princeps' loss and everyone at the auction soon knew of his


Some of the treasure hunters learned from Princeps' mistake. Obviously, the

warehouses all looked like they might have many treasures, but they were also full of

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"This is unsurprising. Princeps had been overly optimistic. Just think about it, he should

have known. If the Lamborghini was working perfectly, why would the border inspectors

leave it in the warehouse?"

"The border inspection bureau are skunks. They hid the damaged rear of the car on

purpose. Should have guessed that there must be some problem."

"Should be careful of those big, valuable items. The warehouse company and the

border inspection bureau are not dumb. If there was good stuff in the warehouse, they

would have kept it for themselves."

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