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They shook hands and the deal was done.

Li Du thought it was a good deal to sell the book for $14 million and donate $4 million to charity organizations, making a net profit of $10 million.

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The two parties signed a draft agreement, and Bravo took the men back to raise money. The Audubon Society was rich, but they didn't have $10 million in cash.

Li Du invited them to have dinner together, booked them a hotel, and let them rest in Phoenix for a day. The next time they met, the deal would be officially sealed.

With some regret, Hans said, "Li, I could have sold this book for fifteen million, or at least thirteen!"

Li Du said, "What about the tax? How much tax would I pay? That's a better solution."

Hans shrugged and said, "You are right. This is the best way."

Taxes were high in the United States, and if they made a transaction of 10 million dollars and up, each side would have to pay at least a million in income tax.

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