850 Right?

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On his way to the trading floor, Li Du met Wright, Ulysses, Kidd, and others, all of whom were neighbors.

After Li Du had thrown the feces and urine into the pits that had been dug into the number 122 mine, his neighbors didn't overreact, and when he went to Sydney, they didn't bother him.

Someone might have been looking for trouble, however. Godzilla said that Hubert, an angry man, had taken men into the mines, so Aubrey took a shovel and tools and beat them up.

Hubert and his party were bloodied. They could have called the police, but the police did not care. They had broken into someone else's mine, and the law gave mine owners the power to fight back. This was a knock on the tiger. The owners of the mine were afraid of Aubrey and did not dare to come back.

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