1216 Retreat

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As Henderson's kingpin, Eagle Beak Blade certainly had some connections.

He got out of trouble with the police and said he did not lead the fight. Someone tried to break into his warehouse, he said, and he was just chasing them out.

The police were too lazy to inquire further. They made sure that no one was hurt or bleeding and left after warning everyone not to cause any trouble.

Big Mustache came running back and said, "I've checked. The Anthonys paid for warehouse 103 and drove away from Henderson. The Chinaman hasn't left yet. He is still in the hotel."

"Tell the boys to go get him!" Said Eagle Beak Blade, gritting its teeth.

There was a loud knock on the door. Knowing who it must be, Li Du nodded and said, "Open the door."

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Brother Wolf opened the door. Eagle Beak blade stood outside, menacing and murderous, along with his men.

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