1014 Reporting Deaths

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In Central Africa, death was a grave matter and so were burials. The first thing to do

when someone passed on was to convey news of the death.

The deep-seated conflict between Remonin and Good was basically unrelated to Li Du.

Even without him, both camps would have engaged in a battle sooner or later. In fact,

Good would probably have been the one launching an attack on Remonin, perhaps

wiping Remonin's tribe off the surface of the earth.

However, it was undeniable that Li Du had sparked off the battle this time around.

Remonin had fought with the intention of rescuing Li Du, hence, Li Du played an

important role in the entire battle.

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As a result, he became an important figure at the burial. Remonin was neither the God

of War nor a great tactical master. However, he was smart enough to stick to Li Du.

Li Du stayed for the burial. He was to participate throughout the procession and be one

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