806 Purchased a Mine

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"Let me make a call," Chris said.

Determined, Blanchett dragged him over and said, "Make the call later. You aren't using your phone to command troops in a war. Will it matter if you call later? Don't let this good fella wait too long."

With Blanchett's help, Li Du and Chris shook hands and got to know each other.

Blanchett went straight to the point and said, "I know that you want to sell this mine. It's the reason why Li Du rushed over."

Chris glanced at him and said, "How did you know? I just announced this information."

"Because I treated your son to a drink," Blanchett laughed.

Chris turned his head and bellowed, "Bill, Bill, you rascal. What nonsense did you say after drinking?"

A sleepy-eyed youngster popped his head out of a window, yawned, and said, "When have I drunk? Oh, d*mn it, it's morning already? I'm still very tired, let me sleep a bit more."

Chris responded in a displeased manner, "I must get you to quit drinking. It's only a matter of time before this rascal becomes an alcoholic."

Blanchett laughed loudly. "Who didn't drink when they were young? He didn't do anything wrong this time around. He actually helped you find a great customer."

Blanchett patted Li Du on the shoulder and pushed him to the front.

Chris said, "Just like what you've heard, I want to sell this mine, as I'm rather busy with my business in Sydney. Now, with more emphasis being placed on making our cities greener, I would like to give it my all and not be distracted."

Blanchett laughed. "Come on, old friend, I know what's going on. Truth is, your business in Sydney has encountered a problem. It's a lack of cash flow, right?"

"F*ck." Chris began scolding him again. "Bill, you idiot! I swear to God, you can forget about touching a drop of alcohol for the next month."

Blanchett's laugh became louder. With an arm over Chris's shoulders, Blanchett said, "Alright alright, old friend. Don't blame the kid, you can't keep these things a secret. How about we discuss the price of this mine?"

In a dejected manner, Chris replied, "If you already know everything, why bother asking me? Let's discuss it then. How much are you offering?"

Blanchett waved his hand and said, "Not me, it's Li."

After turning his head to look at Li Du, Blanchett said, "Li, have a look around, see if you are interested in this mine. If you are, we will discuss the price"

Chris gave Blanchett a glare and said, "D*mn it, are you guys here to tease me? Why call me over if you guys haven't even taken an interest in my mine?"

Blanchett smiled. "This isn't a small trade, friend. We really are interested in the mine. However, before buying it, there's still a need to consider carefully."

While the two of them were chit-chatting, Li Du began walking around the mine.

With an area of over one square hectare, the mine was not considered small.

There were some tools, such as an air hammer, a waterjet, a small excavator, and a crane stored inside the mine.

When walking towards the northwest, one could see a small, steep hill that had a mine filled with shattered rocks at its top and a tunnel that was dug through its center all the way to the bottom.

After releasing the little bug, Li Du sent it underground and began looking around meticulously.

The little bug moved freely underground. Having checked the wells and tunnels, the little bug was unable to find any traces of gemstones in the surroundings. After searching for a while, the little bug was still unable to find a single thing.

However, when the little bug moved towards the southeast, it spotted something shiny.

Seeing this Li Du perked up and sent the little bug over to have a closer look.

A greyish black crystal, brightly colored patterns, this is a piece of black opal!

Unlike the national park, there were gemstone veins located in Lightning Ridge. Most of the time, when one piece of gemstone was found, many more pieces of gemstone could also be found after searching the surroundings.

This was the situation at the moment. After a round of searching, Li Du found a few pieces of gemstone. Using these opals as a reference point, Li Du searched around and found a small gemstone vein.

This discovery made him extremely happy. Even though the gemstone vein that he had found was not considered long and the quality of the black opals in it was not exceptional, it was definitely worth upwards of five million dollars.

In other words, if Li Du were to buy this mine, he could earn ten times the profit.

Lucky. Li Du smiled faintly.

Truth be told, Li Du initially found Blanchett to be somewhat untrustworthy, as Blanchett was too friendly with him. There was always something bad behind abnormalities. Since Blanchett was abnormally friendly towards Li Du, Li Du had no choice but to be wary of him.

Furthermore, while Li Du was at the parking lot last night, Aubrey Radovich warned him that Blanchett was not a good person.

Now, from the looks of it, Li Du had been mistaken about Blanchett and suspected that the reason Aubrey told him all that was to destroy the relationship between him and Blanchett.

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Maybe Aubrey did not wish to see Li Du receiving any help in Lightning Ridge. This was understandable, as they had had a clash in the bar, and Aubrey's group was utterly humiliated.

Li Du walked back after strolling once around around the mine. In a soft voice, Blanchett asked him, "Are you interested?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, I'm prepared to buy this mine. Let's discuss the price."

"Eight hundred thousand," Chris shouted. "I heard you, Li. Eight hundred thousand, that's my asking price."

Blanchett laughed loudly. "Haha, you sure know how to randomly shout prices. Eight hundred thousand? Why don't you ask for 1,000,000?"

Chris replied resentfully, "If I wasn't in need of money and in a rush to sell this mine, I would definitely have asked for 1,000,000. As you all know, this mine has produced gemstones before. There are definitely gemstones inside."

Li Du agreed in his heart. What Chris said was right; there were indeed gemstones here.

Blanchett walked over and said, "What you say doesn't count. You aren't God, and you also don't have x-ray vision. Eight hundred thousand is really too expensive. Be more sincere, 500,000!"

Chris shook his head. "Five hundred thousand? In that case, it would be better for me to mine it myself."

Blanchett responded, "Don't be so quick to reject it. You don't have the means to mine this place. It has been quite some time since a gemstone was found in this town. People who are interested in your mine have no money, and those who have money have gone to invest in houses and won't come here to buy mines."

When Chris wanted to open his mouth and argue with Blanchett, Blanchett continued speaking, "Trust me, mate. If you insist on selling at this price, you will need a year to sell it. If you are willing to accept 500,000, you will be able to receive the cash right away!"

Li Du added, "Yes, 500,000 in cash. I don't need to make a loan. After both of us sign the sales and purchase agreement, you will immediately receive 500,000!"

Chris became a little more interested after hearing this.

Blanchett added, "Sell it to Li. He helped find Bob's kidnapped son."

Chris looked at Li Du in a surprised manner and said, "Oh, you were involved in the incident at Devonport?"

Li Du replied, "I was one of the people involved."

Chris smiled, and then extended his hand and said, "Alright, you guys win. However, you have to give me another 50,000 dollars. Five hundred and fifty thousand, and I will sell it to you."

With a wide smile on his face, Li Du said, "Deal."

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