968 Primitive Visit

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Li Du and his party's camp was next to the Hadza tribe - actually, it was two or three kilometers away, but the grassland was flat. At night, the fire burned brightly,

 so they could see each other.

Early in the morning, the sky was just turning lighter. The night was not quite gone. The stars were still shining in the sky, emitting a pale glow.

However, in the east, the morning sun was about to rise. The eastern horizon was growing brighter with every moment, and the sun would show before long.

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Li Du was used to getting up early to exercise. When he went out of the tent, Brother Wolf in the tent next to him was awake too. He stretched and made several punches to relax his muscles and tendons.

Ali saw it, jumped over and followed his rhythm with its fists. It looked very serious learning the punches.

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