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The entertainment establishment housed the casino and hotel under the same roof. Its key business was the management of the casino. However, the place also offered meals and lodgings to their guests. It could be considered as a low-tier Las Vegas sort of casino.

The two groups squeezed in and the hotel instantly became crowded. The men bumped against one another and rubbed shoulders. The two groups were split apart, with Li Du and Long Hair drawing the line between them. The two groups faced each other.

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By the side, a gambling table had been flipped onto the floor. The gambling chips and equipment had been tidied up, but there was still the mess from the motorcycle crash, and it looked rather chaotic.

Li Du scanned the environment and then asked, "You can decide what to play. I will give you that choice to make. Hope that your brothers would also let you make the choice."

"Play five-card stud," Someone urged.

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