215 Participating as a Team

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Li Du liked Kobe very much. He looked cool when playing basketball; in college, those who looked cool playing basketball would have many groupies surrounding them…

Since he knew that Kobe was not far off, he wanted to try and get close to him to say something to him like: "Sighs for the first and second attempts, and rebounds for the third and fourth"—that would be ideal.

It was a shame there were so many people and he could not squeeze through the crowd. There were security officers maintaining order. If they had wanted to enter, they would have to pass through security checks; the crowds of people they saw were all waiting to pass through the security checks.

Because of this, the best thing Mr. Li could do was have Godzilla take a photo. Being tall, he could see over the people to catch a glimpse of the towering Kobe from afar.

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