382 Okay, Deal

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Downtown Boston was indeed made for walking and sightseeing.

Buildings with colonial architecture sat next to modern skyscrapers and parks. The eras intertwined, impacting each other to form a unique landscape.

Unlike the other large city that Li Du had seen, Phoenix, Boston's architecture was exquisite yet solemn, and peppered with many small streets.

As he entered the winding alley and walked along the cobblestone path to look at the quaint buildings on both sides, Li Du felt as though every step would lead him to a historical site.

His destination was Beacon Hill, which was west of the city center. It was a hill that was more dignified than majestic.

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When he learned that Steve lived in Beacon Hill, Big Quinn had said that he must be well-off; just like the wealthy in LA lived in Beverly Hills, Boston's affluent and famous lived in Beacon Hill.

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