1213 OK, It’s Yours

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Later, Li Du set his eyes on another warehouse. There were, however, still people who competed with his bid. The rival was George Anthony. Li Du waved his hands at him and said, "I back out."

George Anthony smiled widely. "Thank you, buddy."

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Some of the treasure hunters from New York had chosen George Anthony to be the leader. Hearing that Li Du was backing out, someone said, "Is this that Chinese dude rumored to be some sort of auction god? It doesn't seem like he is any good."

"He is very capable. He managed to join the Million Dollar Club after two years. How long did it take you to get into the Million Dollar Club?" Someone else asked.

A few others spluttered indignantly and were just about to retort when the man who spoke earlier said, "Of course he is good. But he cannot be compared to our big brother George."

The New York treasure hunters kept quiet but inwardly scoffed at the bootlicker.

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