139 No Chance for Negotiation

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Tina and the rest also brought pots. Li Du had initially thought that if they didn’t like the spicy hot-pot, then he would make a clear soup for them.

He didn’t expect that all five of them were good at eating spicy food. Rather, they seemed to prefer their food with heavy flavors. Although the spicy hot-pot had them catching their breaths, none of them backed out.

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After finishing the food, Tina carried the pots and went to wash the dishes. Ilfen and another girl cleaned up the area, while the other two set up a coffee pot to make coffee.

The five girls acted swiftly and deftly; their coordination and hardworking attitude impressed Li Du.

It was said that women were created from water, and men were created from mud. These five girls were made from both then!

The fragrant coffee soon turned to a boil. The six of them sat under the trees and began drinking.

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