179 New Kind of Business

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It was the first time Li Du was in this area. Flagstaff was a small city, when considering just the urban areas. If all the areas belonging to Flagstaff were added up, then the actual size was relatively large.

Arizona was a state with many desert areas that were less populated. The east and south sides of Flagstaff were like that.

On the way, Li Du had observed that the houses here were mostly short, flat-roofed houses, mostly with two to three stories. Some even had tents set up, looking more like an African tribal area rather than a developed country.

After parking the bike, Li Du asked, "A market for old goods? This place specializes in dealing with second-hand goods?"

"Right. You haven’t seen this yet, so I’m bringing you here to learn about it."

Li Du couldn’t help but laugh, "What’s so great about a second-hand market?"

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