66 Nail Polish

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Hearing the price, Hans smiled coldly. "What about the MSRP price?"

MSRP was the recommended market price for car dealers. The prices stated were clear as day to the consumers, but within the MSRP there were many details affecting the price.

The dealers helped manufacturers sell their cars, and there were extra costs like rebates and commissions to factor into the price. After taking all this into consideration, the final calculation would be the MSRP price. This was the most meaningful price for consumers.

However, dealers like this were often dishonest with them.

Carl smiled and said, "We are not informed on this price—only the manager and the owner knows about it. Thus, I'm very sorry, I cannot provide you with a number."

Hans gave Li Du a look, and then patted Carl's shoulder. Hans then brought him to the side and whispered something in his ear.

Soon, they came back. Carl said, "If you are not mortgaging, then the OTD would be 54 thousand. This is the true price, for sure!"

Li Du looked at Hans, and the latter nodded, and said, "Sure, I won't be mortgaging. I'll pay in full, with cash."

The amount of time he had lived in America was too short, so he did not have enough credit history. It was difficult to obtain a loan for large assets like cars and houses.

Even if the dealer agreed to a mortgage, the demands tended to be stricter with things like high-interest rates.

However, America had something called a student loan. With a school as a guarantor, the requirements were small. It was a pity that Mr. Li had no school to rely on as a guarantor.

Hearing Li Du's words, Carl's face broke into a beaming smile. He excitedly brought them to the exhibition room to look at cars, and was even busily pouring coffee for them as he explained the intricacies of each model.

The BMW Z4 belonged to a sedan sports car series released in 2009. It was a premium brand, with its two-seater build, outstanding appearance, and ample space for maximum comfort.

Li Du was not knowledgeable about cars, but Hans was. He and Carl discussed the accessories, and then Hans displayed his well-polished bargaining skills, making the poor salesperson provide a few more things for free.

Carl was an honest salesperson. He said, "Actually, if you guys could wait this long to get a Z4, why not wait a little longer? Z4 is about to go out of manufacturing. BMW and Honda are preparing to release a new Z5 sports car."

Li Du shook his head and said, "This is fine. If there's nothing else, then I'll pay the bill."

There was quite a lot of documentation to go through for a new car purchase. Taxes, documentation fees, license fees, and insurance; with all these, it took them half the day to finish with all the procedures.

With the documentation done, they finally got the car. Hans happily prepared to drive the new car back.

Li Du shook his head and smiled, "Big Fox, this car is a present for someone, so I hope that when it gets to her, the odometer is at zero."

Big Fox was stunned. He then shouted, "Sh*t! You're going to give this to Hannah?"

Li Du shrugged. "You've finally realized. Of course. This was something I wanted for her. How many women do I know in America? Also, who else do I know besides her who would specifically want to have a BMW Z4?"

Hannah had always wanted a new car, and it would be better if it were a sports car. However, her salary was not that high. Getting a new sports car would be a dream for her.

Li Du had long known that Hannah liked the BMW Z4. When he was cleaning, he saw a few magazines on cars, with the pages introducing the BMW Z4 being torn out. Clearly, Hannah had kept them.

When he had just arrived in America, 60 thousand dollars was too much money for him to even imagine. But, to him now, this was just some spare change. Earning another 50 to 60 thousand dollars would be easy for him.

It was less than a week to Hannah's birthday. Li Du wanted to make use of this trip to Phoenix to get Hannah a BMW Z4 as a present.

When he heard him, Hans gave a cheeky smiled and said, "Hey kid, you're finally starting to go for my sister, huh? I swear if you were to—"

"Stop, stop, stop—this is a present as a sign of friendship, and there is no other meaning behind it." Li Du realized that he was going to make a ruckus again and hastily tried to cut him off.

Hans said doubtfully, "A present of friendship for 54 thousand dollars? Whoever believes you is an idiot!"

Li Du said, "This gift pales in comparison to the help that I've received from Hannah. I will be making it all up to her in the future."

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Hannah had helped him out far too much. Not counting the monetary help he received while he was staying with them, there were also all sorts of life pointers he had received, as well as the kind consolation from Hannah after being kicked out from school. Even the little bug he was now relying on was from Hannah.

Of course, Hannah was unaware of that.

This car could not be driven back. Hans got a tow for the car, and the two of them went back to Flagstaff with it.

The old Ford F150 was still in repair, and they would not get it back for a whole week. It would be Hannah's birthday soon, and, combined with the fact that they had been marked by other treasure hunters, they went on break for a few days.

Once back at home, the car was temporarily parked at Pine Tree Tops.

Li Du carefully covered it. When he turned back, he saw an elegant beauty observing him curiously, with her arms crossed.

He took a step back in surprise, and then smiled embarrassingly, "You scared me. When did you get here?"

The elegant beauty was wearing a police uniform. Naturally, this was the pretty cop, Li Du's landlord, Rose.

Rose did not answer. Instead, she asked, "This Z4 is yours? Are you a sissy?"

Li Du replied with a frown, "A sissy? Have you ever seen such a strong sissy?"

"'Guy's won't have cats and women won't have dogs.' You own a fat cat, drive a bright red sports car, and are super careful about your hygiene—you're gay, aren't you?"

Li Du was surprised. "'Guys won't have cats and women won't have dogs'—you're aware of this saying?"

Rose scoffed. "Haven't I told you? My parents are both teachers in a Chinese school. I am probably more knowledgeable about some parts of Chinese culture than you are."

Li Du said, "Sorry for doubting your knowledge, but I'm not gay."

"It's fine if you are. I don't discriminate against gays. Love is free, right?" Rose left immediately after she finished, not even giving him a chance to speak.

Li Du felt annoyed. He turned to Ah Meow and said, "What the hell? This girl has some mental issues, doesn't she?"

Ah Meow blinked and wore a confused look on its fat face.

Li Du continued, "What's with that look? Are you stupid? She just said I shouldn't be raising you."

Ah Meow blinked again, and finally reacted. It started fiercely clawing the air at Rose as she walked away. "Meeooww! Meeooww!"

Before he returned home, he had first gone to the supermarket. Seeing that there were bamboo shoots for sale he had bought some.

After bringing home some meat and vegetables, Li Du went into the kitchen to prepare his meal. Rose came by and asked, "Do you need my help?"

She had changed into casual wear, with her pair of beautiful legs showing their length and figure clearly through her slim-fit pants.

The floor was clean, so she walked barefoot. Her feet were slender, and her skin as delicate as jade. Her thin toes were beautifully painted with some red nail polish.

Li Du snuck a glance at her, and Rose's face turned grim. "What are you looking at?"

"I'm looking at what kind of nail polish you're wearing. Didn't you say I'm gay? I want to do some too," He said unhappily.

Rose left the kitchen, but soon came back and passed him a bottle of nail polish. "No need for thanks, just take it as a gift for your cooking. I won't be helping you then, but remember to always make meals for two."

Li Du took the bright red nail polish, unsure whether he should laugh or cry.

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