127 Mud Monkey Competition

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Li Du didn’t have a regular car, so he went to Hannah’s and borrowed her BMW Z4.

Hannah treated the Z4 as her treasure. She advised Li Du, "You have to be light on the gas, she’s a grumpy girl. If you step on the gas too hard, she will accelerate really quickly. Make sure you wipe your shoes before going in. Don’t leave any dirt on her…"

Hans, who was holding an iPad and searching for clientele, raised his chin and said, "Don’t fret, Hannah. Li’s a careful driver because he doesn’t have a license."

"My God!"

Li Du laughed bitterly and said, "I need to go soon. Can you two stop joking around? When I came to America, I had already applied for a license conversion."

Hannah said, "Still, be careful since it’s not originally an American driver's license…"

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Mr. Li rolled his eyes. If he knew it was so troublesome, he would have gone to rent a car instead.

Finally, after ten minutes of repeated nagging, he finally obtained the key and drove off with the car.

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