102 Move Them All

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A light drizzle started to fall, and everyone had to stand in the rain to participate in the auction.

The auctioneer was wearing a raincoat and he said loudly, "The auction rules will not be repeated again. Everyone, please stand outside the entrance to the unit, and no one is allowed to touch the things inside. We prefer cash transactions. Is everyone clear?

"The bad weather today has limited my vision, so I may not see everyone's hand. So, try to get close to me, and bid as quickly as possible. I don't think people are happy in the rain, right?"

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Prescott was a small town. Those who participated in the auction were mainly local people. There were not too many treasure hunters; only twenty-something in the crowd.

Seeing this situation, Li Du said to Hans, "This auction has one of the lowest numbers of people we have ever seen, right?"

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