660 Michelin Three Stars

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It was evening when Li Du met with Cole Winston.

Considering that Cole was able to rush over from New York, which was in the northeast of America, to Las Vegas, which was in the southwest of America, on the same day he received the news, it was apparent that he valued Li Du and the batch of gemstones.

This also demonstrated that he was most likely practical, low profile, and easier to talk to.

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Of course, Cole Winston's looks were also such. Although he had the looks of a celebrity, he resembled the comedy star, Jim Carrey. This was especially so for his eyes and nose.

For an average person, looking like that was a good thing. However, for the CEO of a company, looking like a comedy star was unfortunate.

Quite a few times, when Cole Winston had been raging in the meeting room, there were people laughing instead. After he asked for the reason, the other party very honestly told him, "Thought we saw Jim Carrey performing."

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