1096 Make Trouble

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A police car came towards them at high speed. Other than Luo Qun, Li Du has never seen other police officers driving at such a speed.

When he first met her, she used to drive at the same speed. Ah Meow almost died of fright when Hans steered the flying car to avoid her.

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When Luo Qun got out of the car, Li Du popped out his head and nodded. Seeing this, Luo Qun fastened her belt and came upstairs.

They had not met for a period of time and did not expect to meet again in this case. Li Du originally just wanted to call the police. Phoenix was so big, different police departments covered different sites, and he realized Luo Qun may not be responsible for this area.

As it turned out, Luo Qun has just been transferred to patrol the city of Phoenix.

From this point of view, she did not do well in the new role. Patrol police may look impressive, but in fact, it is a hard job.

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