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Sophie brought Li Du down from the stage as the crowd cheered with joy. The attention made Sophie feel shy and embarrassed. This was much different from her usually-confident demeanor as an attending physician, as well as an operating surgeon.

Both of them knew they couldn't stay at the square: they had the full attention of the crowd. Many people were ogling over them to the extent of not bothering about the still-ongoing auction for the sixth participant.

Sophie bit her lip and seemed to suddenly become angry. "It's all your fault—why did you step forward?"

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Li Du was dumbstruck for a moment, and replied helplessly, "How can you blame me?" He wanted to explain himself, but was sensitive enough to notice Sophie's pouting had escalated to real anger. He immediately caught on that he had made a mistake.

"We can only blame fate, fate wanted that to happen," Mr. Li changed his tune. "But I'm grateful to fate, and Sophie, I love you!"

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