1119 Lively

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In the middle of November, Li Du's gang was busy on the weekends.

Cars dashed into the parking lot of the villa, among them luxury cars such as Bentley

and Maybach and also ordinary cars such as Fort Raptor, Toyota pickup trucks, and

other work vehicles.

The parking space in front of the villa was already full, and cars were parked on both sides of the road.

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Steve came early. He took a flight to Phoenix. Li Du arranged for Brother Wolf to pick

him up.

When they met, Li Du gave him a big hug and said happily, patting his shoulder, "Hey,

man. You look good. Now you are as strong as a buffalo."

Steve tilted his mouth to the side, imitating a buffalo and wheezing, "I'm the buffalo man

and I can destroy everything!"

Elson, who had grey hair, said with a smile, "You can't destroy Li's love for Sophie.

Their love is rock solid!"

"Of course it is," Steve laughed.

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