1180 Life Is Difficult

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After an hour and a half of rest, they set out again to work.

Some remained behind to tear down tents and clean up the place, while others carried tools into the snow.

Hudi gave Li Du a pot of hot liquor so that he could drink it as he walked on the ice. Li Du replenished the energy of the little bug and felt better in the afternoon.

They searched the ice field carefully. It was so big that they looked like a few drops of water sprinkling into a big lake.

The afternoon was as busy as the morning, but still they got nothing.

It was windy in the evening, and the sun was still high in the sky.

Steve waved and said, "Li, get on the sled, we're leaving now!"

One had to be careful to survive in the Antarctic, and at the first signs of change in the weather, one had to make a quick return trip to the camp.

It was a little frustrating to hike all day, spending so much energy and effort without getting anything out of it.

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