293 Let’s work together

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Li Du was ready to fight back. Godzilla raised his gun without hesitation, while Hans was trying to run…

He had said his lungs were exploding earlier, but then he was running quickly. He leaped and bounded—Li was impressed when he saw him.

Li Du thought that there was no point running. But since Hans was running, he didn’t want to confront the wild boar anymore. He shouted, "Climb up the tree, Godzilla!"

After he shouted, he used the "Time Deceleration" ability. The speed of the running wild boar, the climbing Godzilla, even the speed of the blowing wind, all decelerated.

Therefore, Li Du was able to climb up the beech tree beside him quickly.

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Ah Meow responded quickly after it saw everything. It jumped into the air after running and climbed up the tree, laying in his arms a few seconds later.

Hans was stunned; he shouted, "Help!" He just kept running, the boar behind him.

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