345 Knocking at Their Door

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After he hung the phone, Hans gave Li Du a bizarre look.

"What’s up?" Li Du asked.

"We’re not going back yet. Someone is coming to us regarding a deal. Topic of interest is this." He pointed to the case that Godzilla was holding. In it were the bottles of rose oil.

Li Du soon understood. He said with a smile, "Business has come knocking at our door?"

Hans nodded. "Correct. For once, it has come knocking on our door. It’s a blessing from God for us to make more money."

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The other party seemed to view this as an important deal. Soon, an S-class Mercedes-Benz arrived. A pair of middle-aged people, a man and a woman, alighted and walked over to them.

After they met, they introduced themselves.

The two belonged to a fragrance company called "Siguaraya." The man was Hill Crestet, the senior purchasing manager. The woman was Alice Humphrey, an aromatherapist.

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