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The price of the black gold abalone depended on whether it was alive or dead.

They were very resilient and could survive for about two days in a professional storage box after they left the water.

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In general, people caught them, and the first thing they did was put them in a storage box. Then they brought them to the market within 24 hours. There were buyers who were constantly looking for them, so the abalone could be easily sold.

When it came to pricing abalone, first there was a base price. If it was a living black gold abalone, it could sell for at least 500 AUD.

Five hundred dollars was just the base price, and the middle-aged man wanted to buy the abalone at only the base price. This was ridiculous.

Next, price was based on the size and weight of the abalone. According to the Fish and Hunting Bureau, the black gold abalone must be at least five inches or 12.5 centimeters long to be sold in the market.

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