513 It’s Still Early

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Li Du and Hans were blocked by the group of shouting and singing treasure hunters. It was complete chaos!

As someone had shouted a bid before the ruckus started, Li Du knew that the situation had gone beyond his control. He shouted as loud as he could: "4,000 dollars!"

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He was certainly loud, but the ruckus was even louder. The auction was a mess.

Not long after he heard the auctioneer shouting, "3,100 dollars, 3,100 dollars, 3,100 dollars, anyone placing a higher bid? Very well, this unit is now yours!"

The auction for the unit ended!

Li Du was furious.

This was a humiliation—a complete insult. It was the scheming of the Tucson Brotherhood. Princeps had nodded so his men would play another dirty trick against them. He had never intended to back off from the bidding.

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