598 Internal Conflict

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Having observed that, Li Du was suddenly puzzled. He felt that it was odd for the little bug to be particularly interested in two picture frames, unless they were antique.

After the little bug had passed through the canvas with great speed, Li Du could see two oil paintings.

With that, he reckoned the oil paintings were antique and the little bug was interested not in the picture frames but the portraits.

Unfortunately, he did not have time to check out the two oil paintings. He was not even able to clearly see the image and was only able to make out that they were oil paintings before the Caucasian boss came towards him again to shove him.

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In reality, he was left with no alternative. If he were to continue placing his vision in the little bug, he would not be able to avoid the boss's shove.

Reclaiming his vision, Li Du said in a gloomy manner, "So sorry to offend you. I will leave now. You don't need to be so agitated."

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