169 I Like Your Cooking

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Li Du wanted to help out with the cooking and preparation of dinner.

Mrs. Liu adamantly refused and smiled. "You are our precious guest, Ah Du. How can we let our guest help out? Don’t worry, you will have a taste of my culinary skills very soon."

Wesley waved to Li Du. "Brother Li, come over here, let me show you a nice gun."

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"What? You are still playing with guns?!" The shout came from the kitchen.

It was Mr. Liu; he could hear them quite clearly as it was an open kitchen.

Wesley laughed at his dad’s reaction. "Dad, I’m just joking. I’m an overseas student, not an American citizen; there’s no way I could keep a gun. I can only go to the shooting range."

"The shooting range is out of bounds too!" said Mr. Liu, followed by a series of loud, constant chopping sounds as he chopped up the sautéed, preserved pork with ease.

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