961 Hunting Tribes

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The lion hunter had the courage to provoke buffalos. He could not run fast because he was fat, but he knew the habits of the animal.

The cow did not pursue them. After a few steps, she realized that she would not catch up, so she stopped and dejectedly returned to the herd.

This was characteristic of the African buffalos—they did not want to be too far away from the group. They were very focused on the herd as they lacked security alone in the wild.

As a result, African buffalos had the greatest population of large wild animals on the African continent. As long as buffalo lived in groups, they were not easily provoked, even by animals such as lions.

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When buffalos became isolated from the herd, they were not far from dying. Hyenas, lions, leopards, crocodiles—all these types of carnivores preyed on them.

When buffalos separated from the herd they felt insecure and therefore became violent, attacking any creatures that they saw.

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