1309 Hallucination

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It was another hour before Li Du's mind was almost clear again.

He and Sophie sat side by side on a stone, leaning on Ah Ow and Ali, who squatted behind. Ah Meow snuggled up in their arms and helped to keep both of them warm.

Ah Ow tried to move a little and Li Du said without any energy, "Don't move, that's a good kid, let Dad lean and rest for a while, OK?"

"Oww…" Ah Ow let out a muffled howl.

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Steve staggered over. A bodyguard wanted to help him, but he waved the man away, relying on his own strength to walk to Li Du's side.

"It's a trap," he said gloomily.

Li Du rubbed his face and said, "Damn, who was it that told me the villagers here are very reliable, kind and honest? They're using some kind of damn hallucinogen on us!"

Brother Wolf explained the matter. They were set up by someone. What Li Du and the others saw was not real. The vision of tentacles pulling the man into the fog was all an illusion.

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