130 Gun Store

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After using the bug, Li Du wasn’t exhausted, but he was quite famished.

Alcohol could be converted into energy to replenish the strength that he had lost, so he hadn’t been completely joking with Sophie.

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Of course, he couldn’t actually drink rubbing alcohol, since he still had a long life ahead.

There were lots of meat and wine. Americans were really wasteful; even in a low-income community, they had prepared lots of food, and at least half of it might go to waste.

Li Du went all out during the meal, bringing Ah Meow to sweep the plates. Sophie was astounded by the amount they ate.

"What’s up?" Li Du asked. "What kind of expression is that?"

Sophie said weakly, "I once thought of asking you out for a meal as a way of thanks for saving me, but from the looks of it, I need to find a different way."

Li Du didn’t eat for free, and donated 1,000 dollars to the community hospital at the end of the meal.

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