1139 Great Robbery

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Southwest Airlines at the check-in counter at Dallas airport, Texas, on November 24,


A tall, middle-aged man with brown hair wearing a blue suit walked up to the counter

and smiled at the receptionist. "Hello, my name is Dan Cooper. I have ordered a one-

way ticket on flight 305 to Los Angeles."

The receptionist looked at the man and noticed that he was carrying a large suitcase.

The man paid and collected the ticket.

After getting his ticket, Dan Cooper checked the time, lugged his suitcase through

airport security and boarded the plane following the instructions.

The plane did not take off in time because the team was waiting for a batch of gold

transported from the bank of Dallas. The total weight of the gold was 120 kg, and it was

to be sent to California to stabilize the foreign trade market in Los Angeles.

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The gold convoy arrived late as it was involved in a traffic accident. Fearing that the

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