431 Giving Soup Away

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The first storage unit to be auctioned off was unit number 15. The auctioneer raised his hand and shouted, "Everyone's finished with the viewing and so the auction will start officially. Come everyone, start bidding. The starting bid's 100 dollars, 100 dollars, 100 dollars!"

On hearing him, the treasure hunters shook their heads scornfully:

"Sh*t, is that stuff even worth 100 dollars?"

"F*ck, all trash. Whoever gets it will be working for the garbage dump instead."

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"I bet that stuff wouldn't even make it to the dump. The septic tank's stink has contaminated the items inside. Even the dump wouldn't take them!"

Because everyone else was uninterested, Li Du's interest was piqued. This storage unit might not have much value, but it should be worth more than 100 dollars.

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