680 Getting The Most Valuable

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With the move by Brother Wolf, the surrounding old goods treasure hunters, who were hostile toward Li Du, became displeased. Quite a few people crowded over. One person asked, "Are you guys stirring up trouble?"

Fawkes, who was making his payments at the side, folded his arms across his chest and walked two steps forward before assuming an onlooker stance.

Suradi gave him a grave look. "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

This was his territory, after all—he would lose face if Li Du and the others got into a fight here.

The treasure hunter stood up from the floor. He, who was at fault first, complained, "You see, guys, he attacked me first and threw me to the ground. What was that about? They're trying to pick a fight!"

"If you hadn't extended your arm toward me," Li Du responded coldly, "would my bodyguard have thrown you to the ground?"

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