389 Food Market

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Li Du asked, "But didn’t you just mention that you enjoy wood carving?"

Chen Haonan said, "I lied to you."

Li Du chugged a mouthful of the canned drink; he did not know how to respond.

Hans was feeling anxious. "Speak English, let’s speak English."

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Chen Haonan gave him a glance, and used English to reply, "I can’t speak English well."

"You spoke that very well." Hans gave him a thumbs-up.

Proud of himself, Chen Haonan said, "Of course. To explain myself, I’ve learned to say that one thing well."

Li Du felt defeated and said, "Alright, I can translate for you guys…"

Turning around, he explained to Hans, "This chap’s family has always been in the wood business. He has determined the wood’s material, and is buying all of it for 100,000 dollars."

Hans pointed at the stump, and asked, "What’s this wood? This is worth 20,000 dollars?"

Li Du nodded and said, "Yes, this is the king of mahogany: South China scented rosewood!"

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