947 Fly to the Ancient Forest

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After talking to the lion hunter, Li Du got to know what he was like.

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He was a delicate egoist. He was ambitious and intelligent, and he knew how to make the most of his environment for himself.

It was clear that he had succeeded, that he had entered the upper classes of South Africa, and that he could hire large numbers of white men to work and serve him.

The lion hunters arranged some activities for them, but they did not take place in the villa.

His words were, "I don't want any black people to come here except me, and these events require my race to participate, so we have to go somewhere else."

Li Du was disgusted and afraid by this man's attitude towards his compatriots, so he didn't respond enthusiastically. He just dealt with it and said they were too tired to take part in the activity.

The lion hunter realized this, and from that point onwards rarely talked about the state of South Africa and his views on his fellow race.

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