1277 Finding Food in the Taiga

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Steve's words made Li Du puzzled. "What? What do you mean, am I interested in?"

"I want to save it, then keep it as a pet," Steve said hopefully.

Li Du laughed and said, "It will be too much trouble. It's difficult, man. This is an adult manul, it is wild and hard to tame."

"As long as I have perseverance and give it love and affection, I think I can tame it," said Steve confidently.

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Li Du did not know what gave him the confidence to say this. He looked at Elson and said, "Sir, you always protect this boy very well. He needs to know how hard it is to gain someone's trust."

Steve waved to his bodyguard, then pointed to his heart and said, "Of course I know. I struggle with life every day."

Seeing him so confident, Li Du didn't say much more. He merely shook his head and let Steve do as he wished.

Steve optimistically said, "I hope you're not interested in this manul. You've got a whole family of pets. It's time for me to have one too."

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