926 Fate Is So...

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As Cao Fan and Tang Chaoyang chatted, Li Du came to understand why Cao Fan had been so happy to see him, and why he had immediately invited him to join the intimate dinner.

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Tang Chaoyang, who needed a batch of diamonds but had yet to secure them, had been upset.

It seemed that Tang Chaoyang and Song Biaozi were quite powerful. Cao Fan was a very skilled man, and he wanted to do both of them a favor, so he'd brought Li Du along to solve this problem.

Since the topic surfaced, Li Du could not ignore it; he asked, "How many diamonds do you need? I'm a shareholder of the Harry Winston Group and may be able to help you see the Group's diamond stock condition."

Hearing this, Song Biaozi was excited and cried, "Really? We need—"

"How many diamonds could Mr. Li provide us?" Tang Chaoyang interrupted with a smile. "The more the better."

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