839 Encountering an Old Acquaintance

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It became a mystery until Bradley's clothes, pants, and shoes were found in the garden below.

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When he woke up and had no clothes, it naturally made him angry. The hotel's owner apologized and promised to buy him the same style of clothing he had asked for, so Bradley was a little less mad. However, his wallet and some documents had also been in his clothes. Bradley was still having trouble figuring out how to settle the loss of those items. However, the hotel's janitor had found his clothes and pants in the garden below. His wallet and documents were also found, so nothing had been lost.

Since the clothes were found almost directly under Bradley's room, it looked as if someone had dropped them from the window. The hotel's management could not help wondering if Bradley had done it himself. Bradley could not explain how his clothes had gotten there and could only fire back at them asking, "Am I crazy? Why would I throw my clothes downstairs?"

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