1103 Earthquake

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Retreating backward as she left the house, Luo Qun winked at Sophie mischievously.

That was unlike Luo Qun. Li Du and Sophie found that strange and had a feeling that something was not right.

Besides, Luo Qun's expression had suggested reluctance. Her smile had been beyond sweet, which was abnormal, as Li Du had never seen her acting that way.

Sophie gave Li Du a push and said, "You go, go ask her what exactly happened."

Li Du said, "She obviously doesn't want to talk about it. It must be something related to her parents' and brother's murder case…"

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Sophie stubbornly gave him another shove and said, "We are not invading her privacy. I am sure that things are not so simple. Something must have happened. She needs help, Li, really, I know she needs someone to help her."

Pinching Sophie's cheek, Li Du smiled. "You are so kind."

Sophie said with a serious look, "Stop fooling around. Hurry, go ask her what exactly happened."

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