1157 Do The Right Thing

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The manager looked at Li Du and asked in a warmer tone, "Do you have your bank cards with you? We provide an exchange rate conversion here and accept RMB."

Li Du shook his head. "I have friends outside. They have enough cash. I'll lend money from them."

As he said this, he pulled out his trouser pocket and showed it to the manager. There was only a mobile phone inside and no wallet.

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Seeing this, the manager gave a nod of assent and said, "Okay, then you go and find your friends to lend you some money first. I suggest that you be quick. As you see, our activity is a success and our workers are busy."

He was confident and believed that Li Du and the others would not find out that there was something wrong with the car. After discovering that three of them had no money on hand, he let them go for the moment.

As they walked out, Li Du's mother asked, "Who do you want to borrow money from? Sophie?"

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